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Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. “Cartographies of Belonging: Reflections on Indigeneity and Autochthony” (forthcoming, June 2023, Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, Special Issue on Indigeneity, 29.2).

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. “Finding Place in Exile: Queer Armenian Voices Speak” article in “Gender and Sexuality” (forthcoming, June 2023) chapter of Critical Approaches to Genocide: History, Politics and Aesthetics of 1915. Edited by Hülya Adak, Ronald Suny and Fatma Müge Göçek. Routledge

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz & Katia Schwerzmann (March 2023). “’One Unique You’: Affective Attachments and DNA-Testing as Ethnotechnological Apparatus” (Social Text 154, 41.1, 71 – 97).

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz, “Deviations,” Translator’s Afterword to Shushan Avagyan’s A Book, Untitled (Austin: AWST 2023).

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. “Dare (Again) To Not Speak Its Name? Translating Race Into Early Western Armenian Feminist Texts” (Sept 2021) in AUTOTHEORY: A Special Issue of ASAP/Journal. Peer-reviewed journal. Edited by Alex Brostoff and Lauren Fournier.

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. In the (Un)Space: Transnational Armenian Feminist Dialogues between Identities, Belongings, and Mother Tongues” (2020) in Critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in the 21st Century: Vulnerability, Resistance and Transformation. Edited by the Hrant Dink Foundation (in Turkish & English). Hrant Dink Foundation Press.

Deanna Cachoian-Schanz. “Deviations: A Translator’s Notes on Shushan Avagyan’s Book-Untitled (2018) essay in Queer Edition: Queering Armenian Studies, Armenian Review, Vol. 56-2, Issue 1. Edited by Tamar Shirinian and Carina K. Giorgi. https://www.armenianreview.org/pastissues


“How I Write and How I Would Like to Write” by Shushan Avagyan. Chapter 4 in Girq-anvernagir. (Eastern Armenian to English). Asymptote. Jan 2020.

“The Independent Republic of Armeniaby Zaruhi Bahri, translated for and featured in the article “A View from the Bosphorus: Zaruhi Bahri’s Take on the First Republic of Armenia and Its Sovietization” by Lerna Ekmekçioğlu. (Western Armenian to English). The Armenian Weekly. May 2018

“Preface, Or We As Two Separate Planets” by Shushan Avagyan. Chapter in Girq-anvernagir. (Eastern Armenian to English). Words Without Borders. April 2015

“Armenian Literature in Italian Translation” (article) by Sona Haroutyunian (Armenian and Italian to English). Commissioned in conjunction with the Book Platform Project, EuropeAid Programme. 12p. UNESCO’s Next Page Foundation & National Publishers Association, Armenia. Nov 2012

“The Armenian Colonies” (article) by V. Barkhudaryan. (Eastern Armenian to English), in Armenia: Imprints of a Civilization, ed by Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan & Vartan Karapetian. Skira, Museo Correr, Venezia, Italia. p. 193-200. Dec 2011     


Assistant Editor

Themed Issue: Cut. Journal of Visual Culture. Guest Editor: Lanfranco Aceti. Volume 14: 2, SAGE Publications, London. August 2015


Milton’s Selected Poetry and Prose: A Norton Critical Edition. W.W. Norton & Company. Translations by William Shullenberger. p. 205-220. Nov. 2010.

Unpublished Works

“(Dis)Orienting Exile: Home and Belonging in Queer Armenian-American Women’s Memoir” Sabanci University MA thesis. June 2016

Addressing the lacuna of critical work on queer literature in the Armenian transnation, this thesis serves to trace its genealogy. Based primarily on close textual analysis of Arlene Avakian’s Lion Woman’s Legacy and Nancy Agabian’s Me As Her Again, this literary inquiry explores the articulations of exile experienced by queer Armenian- American women’s memoir. Conceptualizing ‘Diaspora’ as a space of movement and (dis)articulation, I problematize its acute nationalist rhetoric that writes nation/home and bodies as a sites of stability. How does transnational heteropatriachal discourse assign women’s bodies to heteronormative reproductive roles that regulate normative gendered/sexual identities? How might this echo the contours of land claim discourse? Who do these hegemons exclude, how do they operate, and within what limits? How does the queer Armenian woman present a particular challenge to this hegemon and its inheritance? How might queerness already align with notions of Diaspora and exile, inscribing flux instead of stability as characteristic of the Armenian diasporic home? Finally, is it possible that a queer analysis of Armenian diasporic literature that addresses diasporic mourning and instability, may assist in ushering in a new era of production, potentiality and futurity for pluralities in Armenian history and identity production? Through textual exegesis, aesthetic considerations and psychosexual identity (de)construction via language, storytelling and inheritance, I address these questions, arguing that both memoirs are integral in beginning to resist the reproduction of the above monoliths, opening up possibilities for the modes in which Armenian literature and other genres in the transnation are read.

Book, untitled: Heterotopic Spaces, Critique and Translation of a Contemporary Armenian Novel.” Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, MA thesis. Feb 2014

Open Access

Cachoian-Schanz & Schwerzmann, “‘One Unique You’: Affective Attachments and DNA Testing as Ethnotechnological Apparatus”

Cachoian-Schanz, “Deviations,” Translator’s Afterword to Shushan Avagyan’s A Book, Untitled

Cachoian-Schanz, “Dare (Again) to Not Speak It’s Name?: Translating ‘Race’ Into Western Armenian Feminist Texts”

Cachoian-Schanz, “In the (Un)Space: Transnational Armenian Feminist Dialogues Between Identities, Belongings, and Mother Tongues”

Cachoian-Schanz, “Deviations: A Translator’s Notes on Shushan Avagyan’s Book-Untitled

Cachoian-Schanz, “(Dis)Orienting Exile: Home and Belonging in Queer Armenian-American Women’s Memoir” (MA Thesis, Sabancı University, 2016)

Keywords: memoir, diaspora, queer, Armenian transnation, mourning

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