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In addition to working as an ESL instructor at the K-12, university and continuing education levels, I have developed and taught my own writing skills classes for both non-native English speaking and native English speaking university students in both Turkey and the United States.

Whether you have an academic text, web content or a project description, you need an attentive eye that doesn’t just see your text on the level of the sentence, but that takes your prose into consideration as a whole. Finding an editor who can do this, and who is familiar with a variety of linguistic registers and lexicons especially related to Creative Writing, the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, isn’t as straightforward as it seems. I work with you from beginning to end—from speaking with you about your prose style to how you want your final text to come across. I work on three different levels of editing: 1) from proofreading for grammar and correcting awkward syntax, to 2) elevating the sophistication of your vocabulary and making prose flow more naturally, to 3) providing more in-depth comments and suggestions regarding your argumentation and content. The type of editing you’d like is up to you; it’s my goal for you to be satisfied with your final text!

  • Literary Texts (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Academic abstracts & articles
  • Job & PhD applications
  • MA theses & PhD dissertations
  • Book manuscripts
  • Grant & Project Proposals
  • Web content

Editing Tiers

Different texts need different kinds of attention. Let me know, or we can decide together, from which type of editing your text would benefit most. Prices work along a sliding scale,* depending on what kind of editing is needed, the length of the text,** and your turn-around time. The prices below are quoted for a text of 8,000 words, with a turn-around time of 10 days.

1) Proofreading: Corrections for consistency and accuracy in grammar, punctuation and syntax (this type of editing does not necessarily make the text stylistically flow better in English; it is concerned that your grammar, punctuation and syntax is used properly). [8,000+ words @ .02 USD cents per word]

2) Copy Editing: Corrections for consistency and accuracy in grammar, punctuation, syntax, style and form; elevating the sophistication of your vocabulary and making prose flow more naturally (in the case of non-native English speakers, to make it read or flow more “naturally” in English); occasional re-writing/re-wording of sentences and passages. [8,000+ words @ .03 USD cents per word]

3) Content Editing: Corrections for grammar, punctuation, style, form; elevating the sophistication of your vocabulary and making prose flow more naturally; significant and/or frequent re-writing/re-wording of sentences, passages and/or arguments; providing comments and suggestions regarding your form, argumentation and content. [8,000+ words @ .04 USD cents per word] Texts in need of significant revisions/rewriting will be taken on a case-by-case basis [8,000+ @ .045 USD cents per word]

*Sliding scale: The above price by word is according to a text of 8,000 words or longer, needed back in minimum 10 days. The cost by word count will vary depending on: the editing tier, the length of the text (texts between 4,000 and 7,999 words will be charged at approximately .005 cents USD a word more, or on an hourly basis for 3,999 words or less), and the amount of time until you need the text back. For example, if you need proofreading of an 8,000+ word text back in 3 days, the cost will be .022 cents USD per word. If you need copy editing of a 7,000-word text back in 5 days, the cost will be .035 cents USD per word. Short texts (e.g., web-content, abstracts, CVs, etc.) will be considered on an hourly basis. Write me for a quote.

**Longer texts (book chapter, thesis, dissertation or book manuscript) of approx. 50,000+ words will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on our time frames. I enjoy learning from my writers, and am always happy to consider taking on longer pieces. Drop me a line and let’s talk!

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How does it work?

I use the track changes function on Microsoft Word (.docx) so that you can follow and accept the changes made. Usually, a text that gets edited will take about 1-2 rounds of back and forth between us.

  1. Send an email along with your text (or a large portion of it). Drop me a line about what it’s about, what kind of editing you’d like, and your timeframe for a free consultation (deca@sas.upenn.edu).
  2. You, or we, decide from which kind of editing your text would most benefit.
  3. I send you back a sample of the editing work, price quote and estimated finish time.
  4. If you think we can work together based on the edits, our timeframes match up and we’re on the same page with the kind of editing you want/need, we get to work!
  5. I send you back edits in track changes. If your text is just being proofread, we will most likely only need to exchange the text once between us. If your text requires more in-depth editing, I need to ask for clarification and/or you’d like me to provide comments regarding your content or argument, it is likely we will read over and exchange your text 2-3 times between us so that we address your needs thoroughly and make sure we get it right.

Word on the Street

I have been working with Deanna as an editor/proofreader of my texts for three years now. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her services. She is an attentive and careful reader. She has the ability to understand the specific context for which a text has been written. Thanks to her multilingualism, she understands what it means to write in English as a non-native speaker. On top of that, her solid background in theory allows her to provide useful insights on the content of academic texts. I have made a lot of progress in written English since I started working with her.

—K. Schwerzmann, PhD (Berlin)

I’m incredibly enthusiastic about Deanna’s work! I’ve had the opportunity to be the recipient of her help for edits on research projects, abstracts and academic texts that were edited in English, but also, for her translation work (from Italian to English). The care dedicated to her lexical choices and her attention to syntax makes her consulting unrivaled! However, their real added value is Deanna’s ability to establish an open and constructive dialogue by recommending topics for reflection and bibliographic references to strengthen the text also at the level of content. You can stop your desperate search for an editor, you’ve found the right person!

—G. Tomasella, academic (Venice)

Working with Deanna has always been a great pleasure, and I would full-heartedly recommend it to everyone. Thanks to her excellent time management, I was able to meet many deadlines with neat and clear texts. Her punctuality is only one of her strong suits. Her editing job has always been more than correcting grammar mistakes. She nicely changed the readability, coherency, and organization of the text. Moreover, with her questions and suggestions, Deanna made me think further about my argumentation.

-A. Ayaz, academic (Geneva)

I been using Deanna’s services on various occasions throughout the years, and she has always proved to be the most reliable editor and writer I’ve met. She always works very quickly and professionally, taking care of every detail with great expertise and intelligence. Recently, Deanna revised my PhD proposal, mastering with elegance and clarity very specific academic topics and references. Besides this, she has a strong lexical and rhetorical arsenal able to make your theses stand out with depth and assertiveness. To me her work is just a guarantee of high quality, there is really no one better!

—Giada D., curator & academic (Berlin)

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